Business Joint Venture

''If you've read all the promises of success from Joint Ventures “even if you have no money, no experience, no product and no customers” – but you are still struggling …''

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Ultimate Joint Ventures

A comprehensive, step-by-step blueprint
that reveals the secrets to creating and
uncovering lucrative Joint-Venture deals…

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One-on-one consulting to ensure you
lock-in your first moneymaking JV deal


Dear entrepreneur,

Are you ready to make the promises of Joint Venture success a reality? Does entering the world of lucrative deals riding on the back of other businesses clients, products, money and resources sound enticing but maybe a little unbelievable to you?

The promises are achievable…

  • Create tons of value using other people's money, expertise and time…

  • Put deals together that generate healthy income streams quickly

  • Set up backend offers that generate profits on a consistent and continual basis…

  • Take your business and net worth to a whole new level without risking your own assets, and often with minimal time, effort or expense…

But are these promises achievable by everybody… or more importantly – by you?

Can you really do all of this even if you have no mailing list, no credibility, no product, little cash and even no experience?

The Truth Is, Joint Ventures Are One Of The Fastest, Easiest And Safest Wealth-Building Strategies In The World…

And now you have an unprecedented opportunity before you… with Ultimate Joint Ventures you're guaranteed to have your first moneymaking JV deal in the bag… If you need it – you will get e-mail access to me to get your questions answered.

From that all-important kick-off point you'll be able to:

  • Build a large mailing list from which you can pump continual profits – if you so choose…

  • Gain immediate access to additional profitable products to sell to your clients – if you so choose…

  • Or put exciting deals together for others as a JV Broker and collect a share of the profits you create without having to deal with the headaches of running a business (like customer service, managing employees, lost shipments, etc.)…

The promises are achievable…

And it doesn't matter if:

  • You have no money to start with

  • You have no experience with Joint Venture deals…

  • You don't actually have a product or service to sell…

  • You don't consider yourself an “expert” in any particular topic…

  • You don't own a business…
None of these things matter – as you shall soon see…

The power in Joint Ventures is bringing the right parties together where their existing products, clients, knowledge and resources WHEN COMBINED create explosive profits you get to share in…

  • If you have any one of these things (a product or a client list for example) and you combine it with somebody else's list or products – RESULT EQUALS EXPLOSIVE NEW PROFITS …

  • If you have none of these things right now – but for example combine the clients (or mailing list) of Company A with the products or services of Company B – RESULT EQUALS EXPLOSIVE NEW PROFITS …

It's all in the art of uncovering or creating lucrative Joint Venture deals that others would love to be a part of…

This book really does deliver the key information and strategies that can produce the results you are looking for. But rather than sign its praises myself… allow me to quote what others have to say about Ultimate Joint Ventures:

‘‘[Your Book] Has Already Been Worth Thousands Of Dollars To Me, Literally...”

‘‘Your book kicks the ____ out of every other JV product out there. I'm absolutely astonished by how much golden information you've managed to stuff into it! You've got this down to a science.

The amount of information that you have somehow managed to squeeze into 224 pages is incredible - and it's unlike anything else.

In fact, it was strange to read at first because there was so little theory. The whole thing is literally a compilation of step-by-step instructions that will practically guarantee tremendous success even if some of your proven, money tactics are followed.

I was especially amazed at your simple strategy to turn a "cold" JV prospect into an raving "fan" that desperately wants to promote an offer. That one tactic alone has already been worth thousands of dollars to me, literally.

UJV is a manual that clearly explains practically every conceivable area of the joint venture process from start to finish.

Every question that you've ever had about JV's has not only been "answered" - it's been explained and unraveled in precise detail. More importantly, it continually focuses on the "how" much more so than the "why."

You can literally follow the instructions, step-by-step, and your success rate with JVs will skyrocket.

And yes, I'm speaking from my experience in actually using it.

Ultimate Joint Ventures has been directly responsible for some unbelievably profitable partnerships for me personally - as well as my largest client.  

In fact, my client and I are currently in negotiations with a multi-million dollar company with over 40,000 employees - and this literally resulted from just ONE little "trick" that's explained (in detail) in your book.

(And I've NEVER heard that "trick" remotely talked about or revealed anywhere else. I was absolutely floored when I read it for the first time...) If the deal goes through, I am set to make several thousands of dollars a day, passively and indefinitely.

Unlike many other Joint Venture courses out there, it doesn't get you "excited" and then leave you hanging, scratching your head wondering, "Great, now if only I knew what to do in my situation."

This stuff works in the REAL world, and it will make you a fortune, plain and simple. (Well, it will if you actually DO something with what you're about to learn...)

I can't believe how much I didn't know about Joint Ventures before I read your book. In short, I can't recommend your book enough! It will literally change my business forever.  

Ultimate Joint Ventures is above and beyond the multitude of what's out there - even the $1000 courses and so on. Buying this book will prove to be one of the best investments you'll ever make as a motivated entrepreneur that is prepared to take action.

I have well over a hundred e-books and other marketing products that I've bought over my business journey - and there's only ONE that I've cared to go through two cartridges of printer ink just to have a portable hard copy... and that is Ultimate Joint Ventures.’’

business joint venture image

Chris Rempel
British Columbia, Canada

“If You Can't Make An Additional $100K To $250K From Your Business (...) From What You Learn In Gabriel Howes' Ultimate Joint Ventures, SOMETHING'S WRONG”

‘‘If you can't make an additional $100,000.00 to $250,000.00 from your business in the next six to nine months from what you learn in Gabriel Howes' Ultimate Joint Ventures, SOMETHING'S WRONG!

Don't reinvent the wheel... follow his simple, step-by-step system for getting others to create a flood of new prospects and clients for your business. This is THE ONE marketing strategy I've personally used over and over to build my own business as well as my client's businesses. Gabriel spells it all out in an insanely inexpensive, yet comprehensive volume.’’

JP Maroney
Business Growth Strategist and Million Dollar JV Deal-Maker
Texas, USA

‘‘...Nearly $30,000 In Sales In
Less Than Two Days”

‘‘Your book is simply amazing. As someone who is just starting out with joint ventures, this is exactly what I needed to answer all of my questions. Page after page of quality information about virtually every aspect of joint ventures.

When I read chapter 39 and finished the book, my body was (and still is as I write this) literally bursting with energy and confidence about moving forward with joint ventures. You've taken absolutely all of the fear right out of me.

I feel like I can't even express strongly enough how much I appreciate the fact that you wrote this book.

UPDATE AFTER FIRST JV: The CreditProfits launch is unreal! One of my partners has single-handedly generated nearly $30,000 in sales in less than 2 days! Whew... it is insane and I am VERY overwhelmed with orders and things to do right now.

Thanks again for sending me that book... it really helped my confidence at a time when I wasn't even sure if I would do ANY sales... now I'm doing so many I can't even handle it.’’

Joint Venture Marketing Image

Joe Lloyd
Texas, USA

‘‘If You Don't Read This Book You Are Absolutely Leaving Tons Of
Money On The Table”

‘‘A few years ago I put together a project that generated over $30,000 in one day. I didn't know at the time that what I had done was a joint venture. After reading Gabriel's manual I realize how many mistakes I had made and how much more successful that JV would have been.

Ultimate Joint Venture is much more than an information product or book. It is a comprehensive system that covers every aspect of creating and completing successful Joint Ventures that will create windfall profits for all the participants. And the icing on the cake is the wealth of resources he has included. The package is about as turn key as it gets.

Based on my experience, I would suggest that anyone contemplating the advantages of Joint Venture marketing take this book and read it cover to cover several times over and then implement the strategies as soon as possible. If you don't you are absolutely leaving tons of money on the table.''

Mark Myszak
Las Vegas, USA

‘‘Gabriel Could License The Material Out
To Speakers To Put On $5000
Weekend Seminars”

‘‘Gabriel could license the material out to speakers to put on $5000/weekend seminars. I'm not kidding. A "must-have" for *any* serious business owner, not just folks interested in JVs.

To say Gabriel has raised the bar on ebook quality is an understatement.’’

Judy Kettenhofen
Profit Strategist/Copywriter
Scottsdale, Arizona


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In Ultimate Joint Ventures you will discover…

Why Joint Ventures Are The First Cash-Generating Vehicle Of Choice For The World's Wealthiest Marketers

And also how simple it is to put them to work and get compensated generously for your time and effort. You will discover:

  • How to put together easy deals everybody wants to be a part of that make you $1,000 - $2,000 a month each in ongoing income…
  • How to build instant credibility for yourself, your products and your company
  • How to rate the chances your joint-venture ideas have of success – which low-chance ideas to drop and which to really focus on…
  • A systematic approach to finding hidden profit opportunities
  • How to identify "setups" that maximize your success probability and cut off time wasting dead ends…
  • How to control the deal from start to profitable completion…

When you are just starting out… it's critical to understand the bedrock principles that make Joint Ventures work… what makes them so attractive to all parties concerned… and what you need to do to “sell them.”

To ensure your highest rate of success out-the-gate, you will:

  • Receive a detailed roadmap to becoming a successful JV broker, even if you're just starting out …
  • Discover how to overcome the fear of approaching and persuading
    prospective partners...
  • Discover how to confidently teach people about Joint Venture deals so you immediately come across as an authority on the subject…

‘‘...You'll Make 5 Times More Money On Every Deal With The Tips And
Strategies In UJV”

‘‘Be Smart. Grab Your copy of UJV right now! I used one JV secret from Chapter 31 and made an extra $2,700 for a deal I did 3 years ago! I don't know if you're totally new to Joint Ventures or a grizzled veteran, but I'll bet dollars to donuts you'll make 5 times more money on every deal with the tips and strategies in UJV.’’

Stephan Iscoe
Ann Arbor, Michigan

‘‘[Your Book] Is Worth Many Thousands And Is Exactly What JV Brokers Need”

‘‘I found it hard to put Gabriel's book down. After many years of successful Joint Ventures, I learnt a lot from this book and I highly recommend it to anyone who is serious about Joint Venture success. The more we learn, the more we earn! Thank you for this valuable work, Gabriel - it is worth many thousands to those who use this powerful information. Specific, practical and exactly what Joint Venture Brokers need.’’

joint venture broker pic

Robin J. Elliott
British Columbia, Canada

How To Make The Money Flow With JV
Deals Even When You Have No Mailing List,
No Credibility, No Product, No Idea And No Cash…

It's important to understand you can start from zero in every department and still make fast cash with JVs. In Ultimate Joint Ventures you will discover:

  • A complete step-by-step Joint-Venture blueprint you can put to profitable use right away even if you're starting from scratch…

  • 15 proven sources to locating Joint Venture partners who would love to hear of your deal…

  • How to pick who to partner with… and who to avoid at all costs

  • How to get people to take you and your deal seriously, forcing them into action

  • The most effective ways of initiating contact with potential Joint Venture partners, and how to follow up to seal the deal…

‘‘I Can't Tell You How Impressed I Was With The Quality Of The Information''

‘‘Dear Gabriel,

Thank goodness I came across your book! The info has given me the confidence to succeed with my latest project: to cut a long story short :

I have been doing internet marketing projects for 2 years now, we have a successful online retail site, and I also run a profitable loan brokerage, both have attained success using predominantly PPC advertising.

I thought this would be my chosen method of promoting a project that has been 2 long years in the making. To my horror, we have been unable to get any significant traffic using PPC, (we spend about $20,000 a month on the other projects so I thought we knew all the tricks!).

Lucky I came across your book, which has given us a new blue print for promoting the product. I loved the fact you talk about on and offline JV methods, and we have already pulled of a JV with a local golf club :

The local "star" has reviewed the product, and using your guidelines we are mailing all 3200 members with his letter. We hold our breath to see what the conversion will be!!

Hopefully this will give us the template for rolling across the UK, and then US. As our confidence and product reputation grows, we will be using all the online strategies you advised.

I can't tell you how impressed I was with the quality of the information. Even the free resources at the end of the book in themselves were worth more than the price!

Carl Mallory
United Kingdom

“…One Of The Most Influential And Important Books I Have Ever Read”

‘‘Your book is fantastic! It is definitely one of the most influential and important books I have ever read, and IS a must have for anyone who wants to leverage their company in any situation. I loved it!’’

Evan Ernst
Washington, USA

How To Become A Good Win-Win Negotiator, Instantly

  • 19 time-tested techniques to ensure your proposal is not held-up at the gate…

  • 25 laser-like questions to reveal the core-truth about any potential partner – knowing these answers will save you endless heartache and dollars later…

  • Seven ways to turn voice mail hell into JV deal heaven

  • How to avoid the seven deal breaking mistakes almost all beginners make when doing Joint Ventures…

  • 43 Killer Tactics to Land the Small and “Impossible” Deals Alike…

  • How to create compelling JV proposals no sane businessperson can refuse…

  • How to defuse initial objections to doing a joint venture... such as "I don't think this will work ", "what if you steal my customers", and "how can I be sure I'll get paid"…
  • It's also critical to know…

How To Tie Up The Deal Even When Your Partner
Is New To JVs, Skeptical And Expecting
To Get Ripped-Off…

    You will discover:

  • The easy way to explain your Joint-Venture proposal in a way that anyone can understand – even if they have no background in marketing or deal making...

  • How to negotiate your deal so that everybody feels they win and profit without effort – which will drive the deal into fast-forward motion…

  • How to address your potential JV partner's fears before they voice them…

  • The key components you need to include when proposing your Joint Venture deal…

Once you have made a “can't refuse” proposal, you must also know…

How To Tie Up The Deal – And Ensure
You Get Paid…

Ultimate Joint Ventures goes into comprehensive detail on:

  • 34 essential agreement clauses to lock-in your future wealth…

  • How to structure and negotiate your share of the deal -- what percentage commissions to ask for, when and how to ask for upfront payment, commissions on backend sales, and other compensation structures…

  • 19 additional ways to avoid getting ripped off in any JV deal…

And how to make sure you get paid, and get paid on time.

Now this next point is critical…

The most important first step to massive financial success with
joint ventures is cementing your first moneymaking deal.

You will become unstoppable once you have such “proof-of-life” of the money making potential of JVs.

Just imagine making all the money you need from joint ventures to then re-invest into your business, or property or into stocks. Actually, real estate investors love this stuff as they always want ways to generate quick cash, so they can then put it into real estate deals...

“Your Book Has A Lot Of Tricks And Tactics That I Had Never Heard Of Before...”

‘‘I am very impressed with your book on Joint Ventures. Anyone who is serious about expanding their business should use JVs.

Being that I use JVs a lot, I was a bit skeptical when you asked me to review this product. But I checked it out, and I saw that you wrote this awesome book. It's 300 pages long the last time I checked. It's just full of all sorts of content. A lot of tricks and tactics that I had never heard of before. And things that I am going to start employing in my business.

So thanks a lot Gabriel. It's truly a no-brainer to buy this.’’

Joint Ventures Image

Reed Floren
Minnesota, USA

So What Exactly Does Ultimate Joint Ventures Cover?

Are you unsure whether Ultimate Joint Ventures can really deliver the goods for you? Here's what you will find in:


How to leverage other people's assets and resources to
achieve wealth and lasting success with the fastest, easiest
and most powerful marketing concept on earth”

Chapter One: The Power of Relationships and Endorsements

The Worlds Most Powerful Marketing Concept
What Is A Joint Venture?
The Power of Endorsements

Chapter Two: The Different Roles in A JV

The Endorsee
What Percentage of The Profits Can An Endorsee Make?
The Endorser
What Percentage of The Profits Can An Endorser Make?
How To Make a Killing on the Back-End
The Broker (Or Deal-Maker)
What Percentage of The Profits Can a Broker Make?
Why Broker Deals?
To Reiterate, The Percentage That You Can Make Depends On…

Chapter Three: Explaining the Brokering Fees

How to Explain the Brokering Fees to the Endorsee
How to Explain the Brokering Fees to the Endorser

Chapter Four: How to Explain the Potential Profits to the Endorser

Chapter Five: 10 Critical Factors for a Successful Joint Venture

Chapter Six: Where to Find Joint Venture Partners

15 Proven Sources of Joint Venture Partners

Chapter Seven : Why You Should Use a Script

You Are Sitting On a Gold Mine
How One Salesman Sold 100% of His Prospects

Chapter Eight: How to Contact Your Prospects

Six Proven Ways to Make Contact

Chapter Nine: How to Get Past the Gate Keeper

19 Time-Tested Techniques to Ensure Your Proposal
Is Not Held-Up at the Gate

Chapter Ten: How to Deal With Voice Mail

Seven Ways to Turn Voice Mail Hell into J.V. Deal Heaven

Chapter Eleven: Front-End Vs. Back-End

The Front-End
The Back-End
Simple Example of a Break-Even Back-End
The Ultimate Back-End

Chapter Twelve: What to Do Before Writing a JV Proposal

Determine Your Exact Target Market
Brainstorm What You Can Offer to Your Potential Partners
The Questions You Should Ask Yourself After Finding a Partner

Chapter Thirteen: Several Things You Have To Be Aware of Before Writing the Proposal

The Pain / Pleasure Principle
How to Really Sell Your Potential Partner
How to Really Turn Your Prospects On
Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
Beware of NDAs That Will Strip You of Your Rights
The Two Ways to Write a Proposal
How to Get Your Partners to Easily Recognize Your E-Mails
Stack the Deck in Your Favour

Chapter Fourteen: How to Write and What to Include In A JV Proposal

43 Killer Tactics to Land the Small and “Impossible” Deals Alike

Chapter Fifteen: What to Do When They Reply

Chapter Sixteen: The Questions You Should Ask Your Potential Partners

Twenty-Five Laser-Like Questions to Reveal the Core-Truth About Any Potential Partner – Knowing These Answers Will Save You Endless Heartache and Dollars Later…

Chapter Seventeen: Clauses for JV Negotiations and Agreements

Thirty-Four Essential Agreement Clauses to Lock-in Your Future Wealth

Chapter Eighteen: Negotiating a Deal

Unethical Tactics / Learn To Detect Manipulators
The Goal of Negotiating
Everything Is Negotiable
Prepare Yourself
Use Momentum to Your Advantage
Good Guy, Bad Guy
The “Yes” Frame Of Mind
Knowledge of Your Prospects' Needs / Problems
Negotiating the “Biggest Issues”
Keeping Your Emotions under Control
Emotions to Avoid

Chapter Nineteen: How to Write the Agreement

Keep It Simple and Leave No Rock Overturned
Beware Of Big Contracts
The Agreement Should...

Chapter Twenty: JV Pre-Flight Checklist

Chapter Twenty One: Collecting the Money and Paying Your Partners

Chapter Twenty Two: How to Avoid Getting Ripped Off

19 Ways to Avoid Getting Ripped Off in Any J.V. Deal

Chapter Twenty Three: A Bit about Getting Ripped Off and Lawyers

Chapter Twenty Four: Endorsement Examples

Chapter Twenty Five: Essential Elements of the Endorsements

19 Essential Elements of the Endorsement Critical to Success

Chapter Twenty Six: Why You Should Upsell with Your Endorsement

Chapter Twenty Seven: Types of JV Arrangements

18 Types of Joint Venture Arrangements to Suit Every Deal

Chapter Twenty Eight: What Kind Of Products Should You Sell?

Chapter Twenty Nine: Why It Is Important To Work with Quality Products

Chapter Thirty: Mailing More Than Once / Mailing List

Chapter Thirty One: Why You Should Keep on Dealing With The Endorser

Chapter Thirty Two: A Bit About Testing

Nine Profit Enhancing Testing Techniques

Chapter Thirty Three: How to Approach People in Person or At Seminars

Chapter Thirty Four: Miscellaneous Ideas or Tips for JVs

How to Boost Perceived Value by Selling Packages
How to Negotiate A Higher Percentage Of Sales…
Why Some ''Low Commission'' Deals Can Be Attractive
How to Use Risk Reversal to Increase Your Chances of Closing a Deal
How to Pay For a Mailing When You Have Little Money
How to Get Free Word-Of-Mouth Clients
How to Use Interviews to Build Credibility and Boost Sales
How to Avoid Getting In Trouble
Why You Should Start Small
How to Avoid Losing Several Hundred Percent of the Profits
How to Guarantee Your Endorsement Will Get the Attention It Deserves
How to Reach the Maximum Number of Potential Associates
Avoid Murphy's Law
Be a Pessimistic Optimist
How to Boost profits with a Personalized Page
Why Most JVs Don't Work Out
Why John Reese Was So Successful
How to Literally Explode Your Sales with This Viciously Guarded Secret
How to Condition Your Prospects to Reward You Financially
How to Find Out If a Company Can Really Help You Out
How to Bypass the Typical Resistance When Asking For Endorsements…
And Have the Publisher Approach You for the JV
How to Profit Handsomely From Overlooked Assets

Chapter Thirty Five: Partnership Mistakes

22 Partnership Mistakes to Avoid at all Costs

Chapter Thirty Six: How to Create Long-Term Relationships

14 Keys to Creating Long-Term Relationships

Chapter Thirty Seven: The Deadly Mistakes Beginners Make

The Seven Deadly Mistakes Beginners Make and How to Avoid Them

Chapter Thirty Eight: About Me (My Story)

Chapter Thirty Nine: Several Resources on Marketing and Copywriting

CLICK HERE to Grab your Copy of “Ultimate Joint Ventures” Now…

So What Is Joint Venture Precisely And
How Does It Work?

A Joint Venture is simply a mutually beneficial arrangement between 2 people or more. It is a win/win deal for all parties. The important point is Joint Ventures can by done by almost anybody:

  • Because you don't need to own a "mailing list" or spend years -- and a lot of money -- to build a relationship with subscribers. You just need to find someone who has a targeted mailing list, and propose they recommend your product or service to their clients for a share of the profits.

  • If you are a list (subscriber / client) owner, you simply find a product or service that would be of benefit to your list. You then leverage your relationship with your list by endorsing that product or service to them.

  • You don't even need to own a product or service. You can set up the product owner and list owner together, i.e. set up the opportunity, and take a percentage of the profits.

No matter how well your business is doing right now - no matter what industry you are in; whether you have a business (online or offline) or not - you can apply this concept to succeed wildly.

Joint Ventures are one of the most powerful marketing concepts of all time…

Joint Venture Endorsement Marketing has consistently proven to increase profits – sometimes several thousand percent – faster and safer than probably any other marketing concept in existence.

This is one of the very best ways to grow your business, period.

This powerful concept will re-invent the way you run your business or make money. Most entrepreneurs don't go out of business because they lack capital, they go out of business because they don't understand where the money really is in their business or market.

The proven formula in Ultimate Joint Ventures will show you where the profits really are and precisely how to tap into them right away to generate windfalls of cash flow.

Discover the insider's secret on precisely what to look for and what to avoid at all costs…

You will easily discover how to know if your partners (or JV arrangements) are worth working with in advance or not. This will save you a lot of agony, frustration and grief... not to mention all the lost time and money.

Discover exactly how to find and contact your partners…

Ultimate Joint Ventures reveals exactly how and where to find partners, so you won't lose your precious time with endless trial and error guesswork.

You'll also discover the best way to contact your potential partners and how and what to write in your proposals. The fact is, about 98% of JV proposals get turned down because fundamental mistakes are made.

Knowing precisely what to say and how to say it will put you in the money deals immediately…

How to protect yourself and your money…

Not protecting yourself is a serious mistake in Joint Ventures. One that has been known to cost people many hundreds of thousands in lost profits and un-rewarded hard work. It can be frustrating to say the least... and may be more common than you think.

Ultimate Joint Ventures will show you 11 powerful tips and strategies you can use to avoid getting ripped off. You'll also be able to protect yourself from the other party's lawyers, and their agreements and contracts.

You'll learn how to easily avoid the 22 deadly partnership mistakes that could make your life a living hell…

You will recognize in advance the kind of partners that are virtually assured to wreak havoc in your life and destroy your deal. They are out there... and you may be surprised when you learn how to identify them.

You will receive a complete and powerful list of clauses and elements (25 in all) you will include in your negotiations and agreements. If you don't use this list... you are asking for a lot of trouble. Why? Because it will help prevent dangerous and costly misunderstandings... before they happen.

The “How to” of power negotiating…

Never find yourself with the “low-end” of a deal. Ultimate Joint Ventures reveals several tricks that can save you up to several hundred thousand dollars or more. Money that is rightfully yours will stay with you. Never give in again to ridiculous offers.

You will learn to recognize unethical negotiators and protect yourself from them.

You will also understand how to find the best win / win arrangement for everyone... and thus build a nice foundation for future, highly lucrative deals.

How to write endorsements to maximize your profits…

Ultimate Joint Ventures will show you powerful endorsement examples... that you can study and use as a blueprint… It also “dissects” and explained the various elements that absolutely have to be included for your endorsement and JV to be a ground-breaking success.

‘‘I Learned About A Lot Of Stuff I've Never Heard Of Before And Never Would
Have Thought Of…''

‘‘I knew your book was going to be really good just by looking at the contents but I learned about a lot of stuff I've never heard of before and never would have thought of. You have a lot of info in your book that no one else even mentions. You cover everything in detail too - there's no guesswork at all and I love that!

Now I understand why trying to do JVs always seemed so hard, I just wasn't doing it right. I'm planning my next JV now and this time I know what to do - I'm even looking forward to it. :)

Your book is fantastic and I'll be putting it to very good use. The only thing I can think of that I almost don't like about it is that there's so much information! BUT - that's also the main thing I do like about it - it covers everything about JVs better than anything else I've ever seen.

Thank you so much Gabriel!’’

Lynn Stivers,
Missouri, USA

“This Has Got To Be THE Most Detailed
And Comprehensive Resource
On Joint Ventures”

‘‘This has got to be THE most detailed and comprehensive resource on Joint Ventures that I've seen! It's easy to read and understand. It's obvious you're speaking from first-hand experience and I'm sure it'll help a LOT of people to get started and succeed in this often daunting exercise.’’

Michael Beauchamp
South Australia

‘‘I Know The Few Hours Reading Your Book Has Spared Me Many Hard Knocks, Wasted Hours And Dollars…”

‘‘One of the oldest, simplest and best ways of increasing your revenue is through Joint Ventures. JVs allow you to leverage off other people's time, efforts, resources and money. Through Joint Venturing anyone can create one or more revenue streams for their own or other's business[es].

A couple of weeks ago I got a copy Ultimate Joint Ventures by Gabriel Howes and what a timely and valuable read it has been. Ultimate Joint Ventures contains a wealth of focused, comprehensive, insightful and extremely valuable information.

Reading it has increased my understanding, provided new ideas and triggered new strategies. I know the few hours reading has spared me many hard knocks, wasted hours and dollars and will do the same for anyone who reads it.’’

Reg Rygus
Edmonton, Canada

‘‘You Have Left Others In The Dust”

‘‘Your book on JVs is the most comprehensive I have read. You have left others in the dust, and I am raring to go and create profitable JVs with your step-by-step instructions.’’

Marilyn Brando
British Columbia, Canada

How To Get Your Copy Of
“Ultimate Joint Ventures”

You can instantly get your own copy of the 250+ page:

How to leverage other people's assets and resources to
achieve lasting success with the fastest, easiest
and most powerful marketing concept on earth”

…in PDF downloadable format today for $97 and :

  • Generate enormous wealth using other people's money, expertise and time…

  • Put deals together that flood your bank account with cash quickly

  • Set up backend offers that generate profits on a consistent and continual basis…

…And take your business and wealth to a whole new level without risking your own assets, and with minimal time, effort or expense…

When you order Ultimate Joint Ventures you get:

- 39 chapters packed with real-world, profit boosting, proven techniques and strategies for creating enormous wealth from Joint Ventures… including:

o 15 Proven Sources of Joint Venture Partners…

o 6 Proven Ways to Make Contact…

o 19 Time-Tested Techniques to Ensure Your Proposal Is Not Held-Up at the Gate…

o 7 Ways to Turn Voice Mail Hell into J.V. Deal Heaven…

o 43 Killer Tactics to Land the Small and “Impossible” Deals Alike…

o 25 Laser-Like Questions to Reveal the Core-Truth About Any Potential Partner – Knowing These Answers Will Save You Endless Heartache and Dollars Later…

o 34 Essential Agreement Clauses to Lock-in Your Future Wealth…

o 19 Ways to Avoid Getting Ripped Off in Any J.V. Deal…

o 19 Essential Elements of the Endorsement Critical to Success…

o 18 Types of Joint Venture Arrangements to Suit Every Deal…

o 9 Profit Enhancing Testing Techniques…

o 22 Partnership Mistakes to Avoid Like the Plague…

o 14 Keys to Creating Long-Term Relationships…

o The 7 Deadly Mistakes Beginners Make and How to Avoid Them…

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I have bent over backwards to bring as much info as possible out in the open. I try to answer every possible question my clients may have about Joint Ventures. Not only that – I cover both online and offline Joint Venture deals.

Ultimate Joint Ventures not only shows you all the steps from start to finish in a practical way, it also tells you precisely what to SAY to convince business owners... And how to EDUCATE potential partners that pretend they understand marketing, but really don't...

‘‘Your Section On Legalities Really
Opened My Eyes...”

‘‘Ultimate Joint Ventures is refreshingly different. It is packed solid with a step-by-step system for finding joint venture partners for your own product or using this knowledge as a way to generate an income brokering JV deals.

I really liked that you offered both online and offline resources for accomplishing this. Too many people concentrate ONLY on online methods and end up losing a lot of potential money because there's a lot of competition in the online world.

You have an entire buffet of ideas from which to choose… great job!

Also, your section on legalities really opened my eyes. To tell you the truth, if it wasn't for your book, I would never have known why I needed to protect myself and how to do it.’’

Debbi Bressler
Florida, US

‘‘It Is Just A Delight To Know You've Shared So Much Experience And Knowledge”

‘‘Your Ultimate Joint Venture is the most comprehensive book on both, online and offline joint ventures, that I've come across. I've enjoyed the easy read with so many examples to illustrate the points, samples and ready-to-use correspondence that are important in creating successful JVs, as well as the mindset and encouragement to take effective action.

It is just a delight to know you've shared so much experience and knowledge. Your ebook is simply outstanding and has given me renewed motivation in creating joint ventures. Before anyone goes out to get a book on JVs, the Ultimate Joint Venture ebook is the first one that should be read, and probably the only one needed for success. I strongly recommend it.’’

David Siew

‘‘Ultimate Joint Ventures Has Changed The Way That I Look At My Internet Marketing Business Forever”

‘‘Ultimate Joint Ventures has changed the way that I look at my internet marketing business forever. I've finally discovered how the big boys of internet marketing do it. Get this book, read it once, read it twice, and by the time you've finished, you'll know more about joint ventures than 99% of internet marketers.’’

Stuart Laing
Arbroath, Scotland

With Your Success In Joint Ventures GUARANTEED

I want you to relax for a second and visualize the following things you'll achieve by reading this book. Because there is no limit to the lifestyle that you can achieve with Joint Ventures...

  • “Imagine being able to choose whether you work or not. Imagine spending all the quality time you could ever want with your family and friends...”
  • “Imagine living a life with little to no stress... and designing your ideal lifestyle...”

  • “Imagine being thrilled and ecstatic because you can finally escape the rat race and start living your dreams...

  • “Imagine breaking sales record after sales record and quickly swamping your business with more clients than you'd ever dreamed of…”

‘‘I Just Spent The Last 12 Hours Absorbing Your Book. I Couldn't Bring Myself
To Close It…”

‘‘I have read at least 3 different books on JVs and NONE of them have come close to being this detailed and this practical. Your book was so informative about both online and offline joint ventures that I was completely amazed when I saw the potential of a well executed JV. I just spent the last 12 hours absorbing your book. I couldn't bring myself to close it – I had to keep reading.

‘‘Thank you for especially hammering home back-end profit potential; I will never look at it the same way again. Oh and by the way I loved your example endorsements you had me so hooked that I was disappointed when I couldn't find the order link.”

Paul Kleinmeulman
Queensland, Australia

‘‘The Manual Provides A Deep Insight Into How Marketers Can Use Online AND Offline Joint Ventures''

‘‘I wasn't expecting much before reading it, but after having done so, I'd say you've done a terrific job with "Ultimate Joint Ventures"! The manual provides a deep insight into how marketers can use joint ventures online AND offline to leverage their profits with, and you've explained the inner workings of this concept very clearly.’’

Ewen Chia

“The Secrets In Ultimate Joint Ventures Took Me From JVs 101 To A Bachelor's Degree In A Matter Of Hours”

“The detail in the manual is incredible, especially in the sections that deal with drafting agreements and writing proposals. No stone left unturned. I was hesitant to do JVs in the past because I was unsure how to go about it while still protecting myself. The confidence your book has instilled in me to find JV partners is worth many times the price of Ultimate Joint Ventures.”

John Taylor, PhD
Great Britain

‘‘...You'd Have To Be An Absolute Idiot If You Can't Increase Your Income By Reading This Book”

‘‘I just finished reviewing your new book, "Ultimate Joint Ventures."

Excellent Job!

I'm amazed, you've presented a ton of possible money creating ideas, not to offend anyone, but you'd have to be an absolute idiot if you can't increase your income by reading this book. This is a well written common sense approach to developing business relationships that will result in long term profitability.

Commonly referred to as Joint Ventures, Gabriel walks the novice thru the entire process from beginning to end, explaining the purpose, reason and logic behind each step. I was surprised to learn of several "DO NOTS." Also the presentation of a variety of different fee structures and scenarios is very helpful.

This would be a perfect resource for a novice seeking his/her first joint venture, however, don't discount this resource if you're an accomplished JV'er since you're sure to pick up more than one idea that will help you nail that really big deal.

Your book certainly appears to have been written from experience. I really like the Progressional formatting. Taking the reader step by step. Very practical and informative.’’

Scott Parat
Illinois, USA

Can You Imagine The Impact JVs Can Have On Your Business And Lifestyle?

After you discover how easy it is to follow my step-by-step system, you will realize that you can turn-key it to make profits as much (and as often) as your heart desires.

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JVs really can be that powerful…

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Listen, one of my friends, Joe Lloyd, made $30,000 in 2 days with ONE JV PARTNER. That does not include all the other endorsed traffic he was getting at the same time. Why was he so successful? He read my book and he took massive ACTION. Plain and simple.

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Why $97?

The reasons are simple…

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2. This is incredibly cheap, because if you can't even make your investment back on your first Joint Venture, it will most likely be because you didn't follow my advice or do your homework. Period.

So if you can read, you're a winner who can take action and you can implement easy to follow step-by-step instructions… there is no way you can't make your money back on your first deal.

3. Not only that, you will have e-mail access to me... so I can help you land your first JV.

4. It's priced high enough to make sure that I only have serious people investing in it (and to scare away the tire-kickers who wouldn't do anything to improve their lives anyway.)

5. It's incredibly affordable when you consider the fact that Joint Ventures are known as the ''fastest and easiest way to make a fortune on earth''… and what they can do in terms of increasing your profits is nothing short of breathtaking. These time-tested strategies for leveraging your way to a healthy amount of targeted and trusting clients can be extremely powerful… when used well...

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‘‘...Every Possible Aspect [Of JVs] You Can Think Of, And Many That Would Not
Have Even Crossed Your Mind, Are
Covered In Detail”

‘‘As a new internet marketer in the midst of my own product creation and plotting my steps to launching with success, one of the resounding issues I have heard from others in the same shoes is the difficulty in getting JV partners to sign up with them to promote their product and benefiting with what partnerships they do gain. Since promotion can make or break a product launch, this is obviously a topic of high concern that needs to be addressed well. Gabriel Howes rises to the task with his Ultimate Joint Ventures.

What I like about the approach of this manual is the way it embraces you as an individual regardless of your experience in internet marketing. It speaks volumes to experienced marketers as well as those of us new in the field - and everyone in between.

Gabriel dissects the entire concept and process of product production, preparation, sales letters, endorsements, searching the JV pool, planning your JV sales pitch for success, even passing the "BS detector" and on into the actual work involved in a partnership and how to protect your interests and plan your recovery should you happen to fall along the way. And still, he exceeds all that with tips on how to build relationships to ensure your success further down your road to JV partnerships and beyond.

For me, the icing on the cake of this book is in the last third of it wherein Gabriel outlines all the details, small to large, about proposing, entering into and moving through a JV relationship from start to finish and potential future partnering. With lists of points to consider and action plans to use, every possible aspect you can think of, and many that would not have even crossed your mind, are covered in detail.  

‘‘And after giving you all this information what does he do? He kicks your butt into action, "Do it. Go for it. JUMP... and you won't fall... you'll soar." This book definitely gives you the wings to do so!”

Cynthia Mosher
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

“A Definitive And Authoritative Guide. If You Don't Understand JVs After Reading This, You Never Will”

‘‘A fantastic book - The writing style is engaging and evocative and makes this book feel far shorter than its 306 pages.

Howes has left no stone unturned and if you really want the lowdown on Joint Ventures, then this is the last book you'll ever need.

I particularly like the way the author comprehensively discusses both the logistics and etiquette of making and breaking deals step-by-step.

A definitive and authoritative guide. If you don't understand JVs after reading this, you never will.’’

Marc Eglon

“A Superb Insight Into Just About Every Possible Aspect Of Planning And Implementing A Joint Venture…”

‘‘What an excellent, well researched and well presented book. You have provided a superb insight into just about every possible aspect of planning and implementing a Joint Venture and I am impressed with the level of detailed information that you have provided. Great Job!’’

John Rogers
Washington, United States

‘‘I Went From Zero Miles An Hour To Mach Speed In An Extremely Short
Period Of Time”

‘‘I'd like to tell you how much value I have gotten since reading Gabriel's course. Gabriel not only gave me the fundamentals to initiate winning JVs with big time marketers who have been in the industry for 20, 30 or more years, but he also gave me a step-by-step system that I could easily follow to initiate these JVS.

He gave me the specific words and phrases to use... everything that I needed so that I absolutely could not fail in using his JV system.

I highly recommend Gabriel's course because it has enabled me to go from zero miles an hour to mach speed in an extremely short period of time. I only wish I had been exposed to his material many, many years before because it would have saved me a lot of frustration and heartache.

But... I am definitely thankful for it.’’

Paul Heldt
Arvada, Colorado

‘‘...Read This Book, And You'll Come Out The Other Side With The Solid Know-How Of A JV Veteran”

‘‘Nobody is born knowing how to do joint ventures, and new
entrepreneurs in particular find them intimidating. This book is a very real education in the specifics of crafting deals. I thought I understood JVs pretty well, but Gabriel has taught me strategies and moves I didn't know existed.

Take this book and study it. If you do, you'll never again be confused about who does what, and when, and with whom.

You already know that most internet business books hit only the high spots while leaving out the little things that can make the difference between success and failure. Well, this one is different. Gabriel's Ultimate Joint Ventures explains things so well, you'll never miss a step. Really pay attention as you read this book, and you'll come out the other side with the solid know-how of a JV veteran.’’

Charles Burke

“I've Seen Many Fine Products On JV Marketing, But This Is Simply
The Best So Far”

‘‘Ultimate Joint Ventures doesn't contain any empty filler stuff. My overruling impression is that Gabriel Howes is a skilled teacher, a very clever researcher and that he's made it very easy to understand and implement his useful points.

At the same time "Ultimate Joint Ventures" is so detailed that you get everything you need to begin setting up your own successful Joint Ventures.

Gabriel Howes leaves no stone unturned, and so far as I can see he's answered every possible question you might have on Joint Venture Marketing.

If you want to discover exactly how to make use of Joint Venture Marketing, "Ultimate Joint Ventures" is a must.

I've seen many fine products on Joint Venture Marketing, but this is simply the best so far.

I'm VERY impressed by Gabriel Howes' course. It's well written, it's right to the point and Gabriel has made it very easy to implement his techniques and strategies.’’

Klaus Dahl

‘‘…It Divulges The Actual Step-By-Step MECHANICS Of How To Start Doing Joint Ventures From The Word GO…”

‘‘NO more theory fluff! I have read almost every JV book and bought every JV product under the sun and I know how frustrating it can be when you just want the details...

Ultimate Joint Ventures reveals not only the process of how to make joint ventures work, but more importantly it divulges the actual step-by-step MECHANICS of how to start doing joint ventures from the word GO.

Unlike virtually every other JV marketing course, tele-seminar, book, or e-book out there, this book does not just give you theory and then leave you guessing. It doesn't hype you up about joint ventures and then simply leave you in the dark like most other so-called "JV Experts" unfortunately do.

Ultimate Joint Ventures gave me the mechanics in specific step-by-step details with action steps so I could finally dig my way out and start moving towards my financial ambitions.

Gabriel's book stands tall, and is towering high above the crowd of look-alikes.’’

Adrian Wensley
Wellington, New Zealand

‘‘Even If You Had Charged $1000 For It, It's Still More Than Worth It”

‘‘Like I told you, I have bought most of the ebooks and materials on JV that you can find using google search. But yours is exceptionally presented.

It's your ebook that should be coming up top in the search engines and not those mediocre materials that dominates the search engines, whereas, they really contain little or nothing substantial on the subject.

Even if you had charged $1000 for it, it's still more than worth it.

If you ever have anything written in this line again, just send me the order link.

Thanks a million for such a rich material.’’

Christina Joseph

‘‘I Learned More About Joint Ventures By Reading Your Book, Than From All Those Other Expensive Books And Courses Put Together…''

‘‘I just finished reading Ultimate Joint Ventures, and my head is reeling with possibilities. I was just getting ready to put together a new JV proposal when your book arrived, and I'm so glad I hadn't started yet!

You cover things, and open up doors that I would never have considered. And the clear, concise explanations, right down to the last detail ensure that anyone reading this -- whether experienced or complete novice -- will understand and be able to apply what they are reading with ease.

I know I learned more about joint ventures in the two days it's taken me to read your book, than from all those other expensive books and courses I've collected over the years.

I know my new project will be much more successful as a result.’’

Ruth Ritchie-Farmer,
Ontario, Canada

‘‘Anyone Interested In Joint Ventures, No Matter How Thoroughly They Think They Know The Methodology, Can Learn From Your E-book. I Have Never Read A More
Comprehensive Text”

‘‘All I can say after finishing your book Ultimate Joint Ventures is "wow." I have never read a more comprehensive text.

Anyone interested in joint ventures, no matter how thoroughly they think they know the methodology, can learn from your book. Virtually every possible question, scenario, and obstacle is covered extensively.

I was impressed from the beginning by the extensive Table of Contents which makes it simple to find a specific topic for review. I feel absolutely confident that the information within this guide is more than sufficient to set up a joint venture and make it successful. I highly recommend your book to anyone in the market for more in depth information on what is obviously your field of expertise.’’

Lynda Brooks
Virginia, USA

‘‘...If I Don't Profit From The Things I've Learned In Your Book - The Failing
Will Be Mine Alone”

‘‘I want to thank you for sharing your knowledge in the pages of Ultimate Joint Ventures. You've obviously put everything into writing this book, and you've produced a valuable resource that I know is going to help many people to achieve better results in their business lives.

There's just so much good stuff in Ultimate Joint Ventures. It's a big book, and you've filled it with common sense and the wisdom of experience. And you've done it with such humility it's a pleasure to read. Your enthusiasm is infectious, and your sheer joy at the variety of possibilities offered by joint venturing glows on the page, and your writing style is fun and easy to read.

This is the most comprehensive book I've read on joint ventures. It contains every useful thing I already knew about the topic, all in one volume. And it also includes ideas and angles that are new to me - ideas and angles that I intend to put to good use.

You've covered your subject remarkably well, Gabriel, and if I don't profit from the things I've learned in your book - the failing will be mine alone. Thanks again.’’

David Bridger

“There Are Things Covered In “Ultimate Joint Ventures” That I Never Would've Even Thought Of, Even With All My Business Background And Many Years On The Internet”

“Ultimate Joint Ventures is one book I have printed out and keep in a binder near me when doing any type of joint venture... it is absolutely PACKED with good information.

There are things covered in there I never would've even thought of, even with all my business background and many years on the Internet.’’

Sandi Bowman
Oregon, USA

“This Information Will Drastically Increase Your Website's Exposure And Profits”

‘‘Your "Ultimate JV" is the ultimate book on building long-term, profitable relationships both online and offline. It starts with the very basics and advances full speed ahead covering every possibility one could encounter.

Yet, it goes far beyond basic Joint Ventures, delving into the psychological realms of understanding the inner mind of your potential partners, simplifying the process of building rapport, while utilizing savvy marketing strategies and advanced copywriting tactics.

This information is an education in successful marketing that will drastically increase your website's exposure and profits. Thank you Gabriel for such great information!’’

David Allen
Calgary, Alberta Canada

‘‘...You Will Learn A LOT From This Book When It Comes To Expanding Your Business With Profitable JV's”


"Ultimate Joint Ventures" is a serious book for marketers who want to take their business to the next level. I'm a relative newbie when it comes to JV's but your book really covers every possible angle...

What separates this book from others I've read is the sheer amount of information as well as the attention to detail...I don't care who you are, you will learn A LOT from this book when it comes to expanding your business with profitable JV's. Again, don't buy this book unless you are really serious about making JV's work for you...

Thanks again for such a well thought out resource, Gabriel.’’

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